Both Professional Contractors and Homeowners Rely On Varner Pipe For Their Steel Tubing Needs

Steel tubing has played an important role in oil field work for decades, and is now also being used for both commercial projects and residential jobs. Because steel tubing can be reused after it has run its course in oil field work, it’s a good choice for contractors and homeowners who need reliable tubing that will stand up to the demands put on it. Since it’s already available in a wide variety of sizes, it can handle nearly any construction requirement asked of it.

A widely versatile material, steel tubing can be used in almost any role needed for commercial fencing. Farmers and ranchers appreciate the fact that the tubing is easy to weld and is available in nearly every increment between one and three-eighth inches and three and one-half inches. A common choice on farms and ranches, steel tubing performs well as when used as fencing as well as fence posts. It can be used to construct corrals, pens for cattle or horses and even pole barns. Hunters will be happy to know that steel tubing is an excellent material that can be used to construct durable deer stands. The material used in manufacturing steel tubing is known to stand up under heavy loads. The manufacturing process also results in tubing that is uniformly circular, providing the necessary versatility contractors need.

Homeowners as well are learning about the advantages of using reclaimed steel tubing. Steel tubing is an excellent material to use in the frame of a home. The tubing’s ability to handle heavy loads makes it a good choice for the underpinnings of home construction. Another way in which steel tubing can be used by a homeowner is in the construction of a carport. The tubing is known for its characteristic of being able to handle all kinds of weather conditions without corroding or becoming damaged. A homeowner can choose to leave the steel tubing exposed or use it as a frame over which wood is constructed. Either way, the tubing will help ensure the carport lasts for years.

Finding a source of steel tubing in the West Texas is easy. Varner Pipe has been in business for nearly 20 years with locations in Clyde and Weatherford. Both professional contractors and homeowners rely on Varner Pipe for their steel tubing needs.